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One of the first thing you see in business meetings. One of the things someone gives you at random encounter. One of the things that is a basic marketing tool of professionals from all kind of industries. One thing that represents your company, your product as well as you as an expert, business owner or employee. It's a business card!

One of the basic but yet very important way of representing your product or service. It holds the key to good reputation. So you certainly have to pay attention to it. You have to give it a lot of thought. Don't just go to nearest printing studio and ask for a white rectangular card with black letters. Try something new.  Hire an expert who will make a creative card. Use your own imagination and the imagination of your employees to discover the best way to astonish someone when handing over your business card.

Above all: don't be dull! Be unique. Be creative. Be unusual. Give people something to remember you by. Give them a perfect piece of art instead of a boring business card. 

In order to help you broaden your views and ways of thinking, we've found 50 of the most unique, creative, bizarre and unexpected business card designs from around the world. Pay attention. Maybe "Eureka" effect happens to you while you scroll down. 

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