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I'm sure you know that saying: "Too good to be true". Well, these images certainly are. 

We at  Dimplify collected 15 photos that will show you that Photoshop effects may have inspiration in reality. 

Or, if you prefer to look at it the other way - we've found photographers who captured nature's Photoshop tricks. 

Tell us which one is your favorite! 
I know it looks photoshopped but actually this is what a railway looks after an earthquake in New Zealand (2010).

If you ever wondered what a mix between a zebra and a pony looks like - this is it. A zebroid. 

The perfectly timed image of a perfect military parade.

This must be one of the most unique elevator shafts in the world. Part of it is a giant aquarium that houses about 1,500 fish.

This picture is a true presentation of new life and new hope. This beautiful hibiscus bloomed among volcanic ashes in Sumatra Island.

This fisherman got really lucky. We can say his luck is golden since he caught a 33-pound goldfish in the South of France!

Nope. Not the portal to another galaxy. It's in Derbyshire, England.  

Walking on water? Husky on water. Totally legit.

Hold on to your cameras when you are at the Maho beach in Saint Martin. You can take a selfie with a plane! This is possible because a runway strip of an airport begins right at the beach.

Either this Jeep is too fast or the temperature is too low. Either way here is one icy ghost for you to enjoy. 

No it's not one of Salvador Dali's paintings. It's just a Festival of the Winds in Sydney, Australia.

This giant algae looks like a monster is hiding under the water with its tentacles hiding under the waves.

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