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Floating pedestrian crossing? We bet you will slow down and even stop, if you are driving towards one of these. Crossing the streets in India and in many parts all over the world is not safe due to the dangerous drivers. That is why Nitin Gadkari, the India’s transport minister came up with these 3D paintings that are planned to act as speed breakers. The optical illusion is so real that it will surely catch the attention.


In a recent tweet, Nitin Gadkari wrote “We are testing the 3D paintings as virtual speed breakers to avoid the unnecessary requirements of speed breakers”.


The idea for these zebra crossings comes after a decision was taken earlier this month for all the speed-breakers to be removed from the highways across India. They brought plenty of a danger to the high-speed drivers, and thus the local authorities started searching for a different solution to the problem. The goverment homes that now the 3D paintings will reduce the road traffic accidents. The statistics are heartbreaking, as the country has the highest number deaths on the road in the world.

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