Pets Are Family Too: Airline Breaks The Rules To Get Furry Friends Away From Dangerous FlamesTranslate

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The massive wildfires that have spread rapidly throughout Fort McMurray, Canada have forced the evacuation of more than 80,000 local residents recently. The staff from both West Jet and Canadian North are doing what they can to make this chaotic and terrifying experience a little more tolerable by allowing passengers to board the aircraft with their furry family members.

A spokesperson from Canadian North told the Huffington Post Canada that it is not a normal procedure for them to permit animals within the plane’s cabin, but because of the present conditions of the raging fire, they are making the necessary accommodations.

The routine that people flying are expected to follow includes their pets being placed in the cargo hold. However, the people of the community where the fires are burning are not being allowed back to their homes to get their animal crates. Those flying are very grateful the airlines are letting them to take their adored critters with them when they go.

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