This Manhole Gives The Word “Tiny House” A New Meaning

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Many cities across the globe are utilizing the “tiny house movement” to help individuals in need, specifically the homeless. For example, there is a place in Portland, Oregon called The Tiny House Village which is essentially a homeless refuge where residents are required to stay for a 60-day probational period before becoming a permanent resident of the village which has been named an “intentional community” by outsiders as an important step to curb the skyrocketing homeless population.

Italian urban artists, Biancoshock took the idea of tiny living to the next level, creating unbelievably creative almost-liveable spaces out of manholes in Milan’s Lodi District. The artists main goal with this work is to bring attention to the fact that hundreds of underprivaledged people in Bucharest, Romania call the sewege system home.

More of Biancoshock's amazing work can be found here.

Art Is Limitless

In Biancoshock's own words, "Ephemeralism has the purpose of producing works of art have to exist briefly in space, but limitlessly in time through photography, video and media."

What an interesting concept! 
Art is Limitless

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