It Was Impossible To Turn Away For One Man After Finding A Frightened Kitten Under A TruckTranslate

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One man found it impossible to leave a scared little kitten alone after finding her holding on tightly to a truck after walking out of his office one day. It was later learned that she had been abandoned by her mother and none of her siblings were around.

He instantly took a photograph of the small feline and sent it off to his wife with one question, “Can we keep it?” All that she knew was that there was no way they could turn away a face like that.

After bringing the baby home, they took her straight in for a check-up from the vet. This is where they were told the kitten was a she. She was given a complete workup including shots. It was estimated that she was around 4-5 weeks old.

The couple, who named the cat Axel, are happy to report she is feeling loved and secure while fitting in comfortably with their 19-year-old cat and 2-year-old dog.

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