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A sure way for a man to succeed is by having a woman who stands behind him. Nobody knows this as more true than Irish mixed martial artist, Conor Anthony McGregor. 

He was more than happy to tell the world about his treasured sweetheart, Dee Devlin, and how her support helped in through his long and difficult journey to triumph.

He Spent All His Free Time At The Gym

He Spent All His Free Time At The Gym
Conor talked about the hardships that they overcame throughout their 8 year relationship. Living 30 miles from Dublin, Ireland in an apartment, off of a €188 unemployment benefit. He did not have time to work because he spent every free moment at the gym.

No Matter What, She Believed In Him

No Matter What, She Believed In Him

He always knew in his heart that he could be the champion. It was only that much more realistic to him knowing that she stood behind him and believed in him too. Even though they struggled with money, Dee Devlin always tried to make sure he had the right foods he needed to be the best he could be. She was dedicated to helping him be a success. Even when Conor felt he could not go on any more, she was there to cheer him on.

Now He Works To Give Her Whatever She Needs

Now He Works To Give Her Whatever She Needs

With 50-70 thousand cheering fans at every match and millions of dollars coming in, Conor can easily pay for any house, car, food, and clothing that he wants. All he wants is to give the love of his life and his biggest supporter everything she dreams of. Even after all these years, she is still behind him telling him whatever goal he wants to achieve, he can do it.

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