A Tortise Get's His Second Chance At Life With The First 3D Printed Shell In The WorldTranslate

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In Brazil, following a devastating brush fire, a tortoise named Freddy was discovered fighting for his life. Luckily, the superhero team known as The Animal Avengers came to his rescue. Not only did Freddy make it through his life-threatening ordeal, he is now the proud owner of the first ever 3D printed tortoise shell in the world!

The group newly formed after deciding to take on the project of helping Freddy with the first rebuilt hull made from a 3D printer. The volunteer group is based out of Sao Paulo and the designer of the shell, Cicero Moraes, took numerous pictures of Freddy to use as a map for creating his new shell. After his design images were complete, he sent it off to Dr. Paul Miamoto. The dental surgeon made the images come to life with the use of a 3D printer. Freddy seems to be extremely pleased and sincerely grateful for his newly printed made by the hardworking Animal Avengers!

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