Photographer Gets The Picture Opportunity Of A Lifetime Featuring Two Marine Animals In A Unique PositionTranslate

2 year ago · Shannon Nieten · 0 Comment
Categories: Animals · Mystery · Weird     Tags: Jellyfish

The mysteries of the ocean have captivated all of us for centuries. The totality of what can be seen, and what goes unseen keeps photographers, scientist, and explorers going back again and again to find out what else can be discovered. When Australian photographer Tim Samuel went underwater, what he came face-to-face with was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Last December Samuel uploaded images to his Instagram account of an image that most have never witnessed. He was diving in Byron Bay with a buddy when he encountered a fish stuck, but still controlling its swimming movements, inside of a jellyfish. After five years of taking photos, Samuel stated that he has never seen anything like this before. Nobody knows how the fish got in there, or how long it was going to stay, but everyone is thrilled to be able to see this wonderfully astounding spectacle of the sea captured on film.

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