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We have all seen unlikely animal duos before and this couple is no exception.  

Best friends Gertjie the baby rhino and Lammie the kid goat are inseparable. A short video captures the two goofing off and having a blast in Pretoria, South Africa where they live together at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center.

Gertjie, or "Little G," and Lammie were both orphans, but now they have found a friend in each other that is sure to last a lifetime.

The Baby Rhino Follows Closely Behind His Goat Friend And Copies Everything He Does.

The baby rhino follows closely behind his goat friend and copies everything he does.

In the video you can see the curious baby rhino watch his little goat buddy run and wind around the dusty roads in the way you would expect to see a goat run. Then, Little G adorably tries to do the same thing creating brilliantly cute and hysterical results. The two critters continue to play and frolic about in way that is both carefree and calming to watch.

Little G came to the animal center after the facility received a call that his mother had been poached near the area on May 8th. They brought the baby white rhino home where he has been given a lot of love and attention from all around the world.

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