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If you are finding way to many excuses not to be fit and not to eat healthy food, stop. You are not too old to do anything that you want and you are not late to do it. The beautiful Ernestine Shepherd is the perfect proof of that belief. Ernestine has recently turned 80 and is believed to be the oldest female bodybuilder in the world.

The iron-pumping grandma was born in Baltimore on on June 16th, 1936 but she started exercising quite late, when she was 56 years of age. Since then however, she has won two bodybuilding competition that brought her two titles. In fact, in 2010 and 2011 the Guinness Book of World Records named her to be the oldest competitive body builder in the world.

Ernestine Shepherd looks amazing, but there is no secret behind that, just determination, discipline and hard work. Her day starts at 3 am, every week she goes for an 80 miles’ run and she is on a healthy diet consisting of chicken, boiled eggs, and vegetables. She also drinks plenty of water.

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