This Homeless Grumpy Cat Gets His Forever Family, And He Couldn't Look Any More AngryTranslate

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Paul Tateosian and his co-worker were doing a house inspection in Sarasota, Florida when they heard the tiny cries of a cat. Seeking their affection, out came a big ball of orange hair. They could tell the poor kitty didn't have any food or water.

When Paul offered the cat a mango that he found, the look on the cats face was total disapproval. The men could sense that the grumpy cat was not real impressed with them being in the house either, but he continued to follow behind them throughout the completion of the home inspection.

After the job was done, Paul decided it was going to be the best thing for the feline if he just took him home. In the area they were in, the cat could have easily fallen prey to an alligator, eagle, owl, snake or hawk. They named the cat Garfield and even though he is in his forever home, he still looks dissatisfied. His owners know, deep down, he is in love with his new human family.

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