On The Final Day Of The School Year, This Teacher Allows Her First-Grade Students To Sign Her DressTranslate

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Usually in elementary school, teachers are telling their students to keep their pencils on their papers instead of the desks, walls, and their clothes. First-grade teacher ShaRee Castlebury instructed her kids to do the exact opposite on the last day of school this year. The final results are gorgeous!

ShaRee is an educator at Pat Henry Elementary located in Lawton, Oklahoma. She thought this year she would do something extra special for her students on their final day in her class. The main focus being fun with some imagination combined in led her to going to school in an all white dress. That is when she asked her "Precious Picassos" to design her outfit. The ending outcome is not only stunning, but also a memory that is going to last forever for both her and her students.

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