Stray Dog Participates In The 155-Mile Race & Finishes It With A New OwnerTranslate

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Gobi was a small stray dog living on the streets of China, that somehow joined the 155-mile 4 deserts race organized in the largest desert in the country in March 2016. The small creature finished the tiresome marathon, winning the heart of the runner Dion Leonard, who is known to be a very competitive athlete coming from Scotland.

On the second day of the race, right at the start line, the dog happened to stand next to the athlete and not only started running alongside Leonard, but managed to end up the race of 23 miles with the man. This marked the start of a wonderful relationship and when the weather conditions were not permitting the puppy to participate in the race along with the athlete, the organizers would give her a ride so that she could be with her new friend. On the very last day of the marathon, Leonard and the dog crossed the finish line side by side.

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