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This little orca you will see on the photos below began crying for help once she found out that she is trapped in a huge pile of rocks and is thus incapable of escaping.

It was out of pure luck that a man spotted the desperate sea creature off the Canadian coast. The passerby knew that he has to do something to help the orca and thus he asked for help. His call was answered by the people from the For Wales group and by the group of Guardians from the settlement Hartley Bay, in British Columbia.

The orca was already stranded on the rocks for hours, when the volunteers put a water pump to make sure they can keep the whale alive. 

The volunteers further grabbed sheets and slowly approached the poor orca.

The FB post for the event stated "Today was one of very high emotions. A giant thank you once again to this amazing community that comes together so quickly to protect what is sacred."

At a certain point, the trapped orca understood that the people are there to help and keep it alive until the coming of the tide. The whale cried often – a sound that can tear every heart apart. Finally, after a period of more than six hours trapped on the rocks, the orca was free at last.

Have a good look at the emotional rescue in the video below:

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