A Stranded Elephant Saved By Hundreds Of Villagers In An Unbelievable Way

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In the beginning of August, the state of Assam in India suffered from the worst monsoon season in almost a decade. Everything was flooded by the downpours – homes, communities, and even people became victims of the heavy rains. But the damage was even more serious than that.


Because of the terrible flooding a female elephant was swept away from her herd. The animal found herself in a very difficult situation, yet lucky for her all the people from the nearby village gathered together to rescue her.

For Days And Weeks, The Animal Could Not Get Out From This Secluded, Flooded Area. She Had Very Little Food And Was Scared By The People Who Tried To Help. People Tried To Rescue The Elephant, And Finally They Came With A Plan To Tranquilize Her.

For days and weeks, the animal could not get out from this secluded, flooded area. She had very little food and was scared by the people who tried to help. People tried to rescue the elephant, and finally they came with a plan to tranquilize her.

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