Tiny ‘Snowshoes’ Help A Little Injured Bird To Get Back On Her FeetTranslate

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Finding a small Northern Mockingbird with impaired feet can be a blessing, but also a stress situation. What should you do? How can you help the poor creature? With some creativity, tape and cardboard, you can always find a solution!

This is what happened to employees of the CWC (California Wildlife Center) who rescued a mockingbird in a foot condition that made it quite difficult for the birdie to walk around or grasp objects. The poor creature got an injury that caused her feet to knuckle. This is something that is quite common in young birds. The bird had to stand on the top of her toes all the time and that caused additional injury.

The rescuers from CWC invented something that resembles tiny snowshoes. The design was made in such a way as to keep the feet of the bird to their proper position so that the feet could heal. The voluntary worker Duane Tom from CWC stated that ‘It usually takes one or two weeks of wearing the snowshoes before their feet go back to normal.”

Thanks to the help that the bird received and the special snowshoes she was able to wear; the entire rescue operation has turned into a great success. Now the bird is almost ready to go back to the wild, which is pretty impressive.

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