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A group of divers were just exploring around the remote Indonesian island of Kokoya, when they made a very troubling discovery. On the shallow ocean floor they found trapped in cages two dungongs. These rare marine animals, often called sea cows, are closely related to manatees. They look like a mother with her calf and were being held in separate cages where the adult animal had a rope wrapped around its tail.

This video is heartbreaking:

The divers could not bear the thought of the two animals suffering and they tried to talk their captor into setting them free. For that purpose, they told him that dugongs are a protected species that can become extinct. At first the fisherman agreed to release them but they were not convinced he will actually do that, thus they posted the video to social media.

Just within hours, they were contacted by wildlife authorities which demanded to know where the cages were located. On the next day, officials went there and found that the animals were still in captivity.

Please, share this story with others and let the world know that this is cruel and that animals should not be kept hostages for tourist purposes!

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