Holey Moley! Mysterious Hole Leaves Couple Baffled In London EnglandTranslate

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Categories: Mystery · Weird     Tags: Mysterious Hole Appears In Garden · 2ft By 2ft Hole Suddenly Appears In Garden · Couple Find Hole With Staircase In Garden Emma And Kevin James

 When Kevin James and his wife Emma,bought their house in a London suburb eight years ago, they had no idea what was hidden in their garden.

During an afternoon of yard work, Emma and her husband  came across a small area which seemed a 'bit spongy' and they decided to dig there t see what it was. However, to their surprise they unearthed a big hole, which appeared to have a staircase leading downwards.

Puzzled by their find, they immediately contacted the company who had originally built their home, to enquire about it. Oddly, the company seemingly were unaware of its existence and Emma tried contacting various other agencies, such as the water company, in the hope of being able to shed some light on it. 

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