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There are many kids who wouldn’t have the feeling to go on an adventure because… Well, they have a number of reasons. We have listed some below.

1.    They think that it is unsafe to go an adventure because the possibility of things going wrong is on the higher side.

2.    They think that they will not be in a position to enjoy the feel with many people around. They wouldn’t mind going on an adventure alone.

3.    They feel that it is a waste of money. Instead, they prefer saving money by staying in a hotel, while traveling to a new place. 

4.    They feel that they might spoil your fun.

5.    Their fear of heights might be an issue.

In simple words, it is their fear, and you need to work hard to get them rid of it and make them embrace adventure.

While making an attempt to help them embrace adventure, the following tips might be helpful.

1.    Share your adventure memories with them: If you are trying to motivate them, we are quite sure that you already have some memories of the same and accordingly you should be in a position to share some with them. While sharing your memories, make sure that you do not miss out on anything. It is okay to share some not so good memories if there is a lesson attached to it to cut down on the negative aspect.

2.    Tell them about the benefits of going to an adventure: Benefits like creating their own adventure journal which will be with them forever. Benefits like sharing their excitement with others. Benefits like getting rid of fear, to some extent. In their little minds, if the weight of benefit is higher than the weight of fear, they will give you a position response. Think about it.

3.    Give them incentives: Corruption is bad until you do it for the good of your kids by bribing them. With this, we are saying that if they have something in their mind, it is probably the right thing you can use to bribe them to take them along on an adventurous trip. There are many things kids want, and you might have an opportunity to choose one that will be good for them and falls in your budget too!

Another point to be noted is that during this sale season you might get the same for a reasonable price too!

4.    Take them to a place they want to go. This will serve a dual purpose. Tell them that they can enjoy adventure and move around their preferred places too. Think about it and you'll realize that this is the best bargaining trick available for you. This way, your kid might even be excited to be on an adventurous trip with you. 

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