Navy SEALs Have A Crazy Way To Survive Being Drowned, And You Can Learn It Too

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The Navy Seals definitely know how to survive and are always ready to make a plan and escape from even the deadliest situations. Now you can find out how they are taught to assess the situation they are in and what kind of skills they have mastered. That is thanks to Clint Emerson, a former Navy Seal, who have recently published a book called ‘100 Deadly Skills’, now we can all master the survival methods and skills of the most elite military unit in the world.

Find below an excerpt from his book commenting on how to survive, if being drowned.


“The Body Positioning And The Restraints Result In Challenged Breathing, Yet The Repositioning Is Within The Nomad’s Grasp. For Example, In Shallow Waters Use A Sinking And Bouncing Approach To Reach The Shore.”

“The body positioning and the restraints result in challenged breathing, yet the repositioning is within the Nomad’s grasp. For example, in shallow waters use a sinking and bouncing approach to reach the shore.”

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