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When Kayla, Eby, a school teacher from Oregon, played an hilarious prank on her husband, Justin, his outraged reactions led to the story going viral.

What he didn't know was that the carefully designed prank was simultaneously being uploaded to Kayla's Facebook wall. 

The story begins with Kayla sending a seemingly innocent text to Justin, suggesting that she had 'found a cute dog' outside and was concerned that it had become lost or abandoned and bought it inside. She added a picture of a wild coyote, sitting on the couch with their young child. 

Justin's panicked reaction led to a series of texts, by a panicked Justin, with Kayla 'innocently' suggesting that the 'dog' must be hungry as he was pacing and there were 'two more outside' 

Check out the hilarious story below, which Kayla called :

When you have a crazy hubby and friends with Photoshop 😂😂

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