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Stop making these summer sunscreen mistakes. These mistakes will destroy your skin totally. Keep these mistakes in mind and try to avoid it completely.

It is important to apply sunscreen every day. This will help prevent dark spots, wrinkles among other signs of early aging. Additionally, it will help minimize the chances of getting skin cancer. However, most people don’t apply their sunscreens on a daily basis and that is very risky. There are a lot of injustices people do to their skin both knowingly and unknowingly. Here are the top 8 mistakes you do to your skin:

1. Waiting until you are outdoors to apply sunscreen

A considerable number of people don’t apply their sunscreen early enough. They wait until they get to the beach in order to protect their skins against the harmful UV rays; this is one of the worst summer sunscreen mistakes that you should avoid. According to health providers, people should apply sunscreen approximately half an hour before sunlight exposure. This is because sunscreen takes sometime before it is completely absorbed into the skin; approximately 30 minutes. This implies that your skin is at risk of getting cancer among other skin complications during this period. So sunscreen has a great role and it works miracle.

2. Applying sunscreen around the clothes

If careful, it is easy to learn how to avoid some common sunscreen mistakes. For example, applying sunscreen around the clothes is a common sunscreen mistake that can be easily avoided. If you apply your sunscreen with your clothes on, you are likely to miss some areas and this could lead to cancer. Moreover, you may not apply enough sunscreen if you apply it with your clothes on. For this reason, dermatologists recommend taking off all your clothes before applying sunscreen.

3. Failure to apply sunscreen on the lips

Your lips too need protection against the harmful UV rays from the sun. According to experts, most people fail to protect their lips when protecting the rest of their skin and this leaves them vulnerable to skin cancer among many other skin complications. Consider protecting your lips using lip balms with SPF and because drinking, eating and talking tends to remove it faster, it is wise to reapply frequently.

4. Missing other major spots

You are likely to miss some important spots when applying sunscreen and this could increase your chances of getting skin cancer. According to dermatologists, some of the commonly missed spots include underarms, feet bottoms, the ears, eyelids, and the neck, the inner side of the arms and under the hairline. Now that you are aware of the spots you are likely to miss when applying your sunscreen, it is wise to be a little more careful next time and smear enough sunscreen on these areas.

5. Failure to use enough sunscreen

Most people don’t apply enough sunscreen on their skins and this is a big problem. Therefore, it is prudent to know the right amount of sunscreen that needs to be applied on the skin for maximum protection against UV rays. According to dermatologists, the right amount of sunscreen to be applied on the skin is approximately 1.5 ounces. This will ensure maximum protection and the skin won’t be vulnerable to cancer because of not getting enough coverage.

6. Assuming you are safe in your car or indoors

Most people assume that they are safe from the harmful UV rays if they stay indoors. However, this is not true and you should apply sunscreen even when indoors or inside your car. Windshields and windows are known to block the UVB rays making it difficult to see any sunburn. This doesn’t stop the UVA rays from seeping right inside the skin to cause damages. Therefore, it is wise to apply your sunscreen each morning. Additionally, you may want to use moisturizers with SPF.

7. Using sunscreens with too low SPF

Some sunscreens you see at the stores may not be having the recommended amount of SPF. A product with SPF 8 will offer protection, but not the required amount of protection. The Foundation against Skin Cancer recommends the use of broad-spectrum sunscreens that have SPF of at least 15. Additionally, don’t assume that you are over-protected if you use sunscreens with high SPFs. Such products require often reapplying too.

8. Failure to protect the eyes

Your eyes also need protection against UV rays because they are just as vulnerable as any other part of the body. Consider wearing a pair of sunglasses when outdoors to protect the eyes. Additionally, ensure that the sunglasses you are wearing are able to provide UV rays protection because some less expensive sunglasses lack the protective coating. You may also want to buy a hat to help protect the forehead and the eyes.


When it comes to sunscreen protection, it is wise to be more careful. In addition, it is possible to avoid most sunscreen mistakes if proper care is taken. Consider learning additional sunscreen mistakes from a dermatologist. So use sunscreen and stay risk free.

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