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Moms are very protective when it comes to their babies. That is nature and instinct, and that is normal and valid for both animals and human beings. All moms try to keep their babies close by until they are truly prepared to leave the nest.

An elderly lady, Gwen Maxwell, was absolutely shocked when she saw something in her backyard of her house near Phoenix, Arizona. As she was looking outside her window, she saw a coyote pup that was rolling around on the ground and seemed in obvious pain. The pup was struggling to remove several cholla cactus spines which were embedded into his skin.

When rescuers arrived, they came close and prepared to grab the pup; however, they soon realized that the pups’ mom was standing just a few feet away from them and soon they understood what she was doing...

The poor pup had gotten into a cholla cactus and was unable to remove the spines from his body. The men rushed to help, but saw that the pup's mother was standing nearby. The mother was not trying to protect her pup, but was anxious for the rescuers to help him. Thus they pulled out the pair of pliers and started helping.

The lady was also pulling stickers out of the pup’s mouth and he didn't bite or make a sound. During the process, the mother coyote kept a watchful eye on her pup. She knew those people were trying to save her baby.

When the spines were finally removed, the rescuers gave the pup a thorough check to see if he is alright. Luckily, he appeared to be in a good shape. Once placed on the ground, the pup ran right to his mom and the two of them were gone in an instant.

Well, moms are protective of their young, but they are also famous for their intuition when they see kind-hearted helpers. Everyone loves a happy ending and this one has the perfect one!

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