This Guy Risked Jail Time To Rescue A Dying Baby Bear He Found On A HikeTranslate

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While hiking a trail in Oregon, the photographer Corey Hancock find a small baby bear that was on the brink of death. The bear was laying on its back with his lips blue and eyes open but unmoving. The guy noticed a shallow breath. The small creature reminded him of his baby boy, as it seemed like an infant. Thus, he decided to do whatever is needed to save it.

The photographer took the baby with him and run to his car, fearing that the bear’s mother will come after him. But when he reached his car, the man noticed that the baby bear has stopped breathing. Corey Hancock did mouth-to-mouth and thanks to that the animal started breathing again. He took it to the vet who took care of the weak animal. As the days went by and the baby bear was treated of starvation and dehydration, he became stronger.

Once that story became popular, the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Oregon stated that Corey Hancock actually rescued a fine of 6 000 USD for helping the baby bear and even some jail time. The kind-hearted rescuer however, will not be punished.

Additional information: Facebook (h/t: animalrescuesite)

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