7 Mind-Blowing Natural Rock Formations! Are They Coming From Our Planet?

9 months ago · Marta · 0 Comment
Our planet Earth is so wonderful that it still finds ways to impress, surprise and astonish us, despite the fact that we humans have invented many technological devices. It seems that our planet has plenty of natural wonders, fantastic animal and plant life, as well as facets. Have a look at the photos of the natural rock formations we have collected below and you will be truly impressed.


That Is Titanium Quartz With Jagged Crystals That Are Jutting Up From Its Base. The Color Of The Regular Quartz Is Usually Pale Pink Or Orange, Yet With The Titanium Here The Stone Gets A Metallic Sheen And Is That Colorful.

That is titanium quartz with jagged crystals that are jutting up from its base. The color of the regular quartz is usually pale pink or orange, yet with the titanium here the stone gets a metallic sheen and is that colorful.

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