27 Super Bizarre Photos from Google Earth That Have No Explanation

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One of the most useful resources people that were invented in the recent years is Google Earth, thanks to which you can see all spots on earth from a space point of view. We can become witnesses of various wonders and places that have no reasonable explanation. It seems that Google Earth makes everything possible to connect the people on earth, to show them real images of the location and their whereabouts.

In addition to the aerial view of things, now you can see what other Google Earth have discovered for you and you will soon find out that some things on earth cannot be explained. Enjoy!


5. David Lee Niles, Age Seventy-two Was Reported Missing In 2006. Five Years Later, His Family Held A Funeral For Their Lost Loved One Despite The Fact That They Never Found His Body. Yet, Google Earth Found This Car Trapped In A Pond Close To His Home.

5. David Lee Niles, age seventy-two was reported missing in 2006. Five years later, his family held a funeral for their lost loved one despite the fact that they never found his body. Yet, Google Earth found this car trapped in a pond close to his home.

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