70-Year-Old Grandma In Incredible Shape Speaks About Her Secret, Internet Trolls Turn Into BulliesTranslate

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Carolyn Hartz is the owner of SweetLife, but she is far more than a business woman. She is a nicely looking lady in a great shape and a grandmother as well. Carolyn started living on a sugar-free diet 28 years ago, an effort that pays her back as she is now looking half her age.


In her youth, Carolyn was diagnosed with pre-diabetes status and she had to give up the sweet things in her diet, so that she can have her blood sugar levels on track. Once a sugar addict, she cut the sweet ingredients out and started using an alternative known as Xylitol.


Naturally, her young appearance is not just due to the fact that she cut out sugar. She is exercising regularly and she is careful with the things she eats. Yet, despite what Hartz says about the sugar-free diet, the Internet users do not believe her… What do you think?

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