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Most probably you know the feeling of new shoes that do not fit, or the feeling of pants that stick to your legs, and most probably you had not one or two T-shirts that have shrank during the wash. Now you can get rid of all those problems. Have a look at this wise selection of life hacks and you will be able to look stunning every day.

No 4. Leran How To Rescue A shrunken T-shirt

No 4. Leran how to rescue a shrunken T-shirt
Mix one liter of water with 1 spook of kids' shampoo and soak the shrunken T-shirt for 30 min. Then squeeze out the water, put the T-shirt between two towels and leave it there for ten minutes. Strech the item to its original size, place heavy objects on the edges to keep it stretched and leave it to dry.

No 13. Learn How To Break In new Shoes

No 13. Learn how to break in new shoes
First pour water into sealable plastic packets and place them in your shoes , after which put the shoes in the freezer. Once the water freezes, it will expands. Then take the shoes out of the freezer and as the ice melts, take the bags out. Note that this should not be applied on patent leather shoes.

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