Man Goes To Pee In The Woods And Accidentally Uncovers A 50,000-Year-Old Archaeological WonderTranslate

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Categories: Mystery · Weird     Tags: Wonder · Archaeological · Uncovers · Accidentally · Archeology · Site · Historical · Discovery
The natural human need to pee led to a stunning discovery of an ancient archaeological site of a great importance. That happened to Clifford Coulthard and another researcher as they went on a trip in Australia in order to study the life of the ancient aboriginals. The purpose of their trip was not met, yet Clifford came to a discovery of a great importance and all that by a pure accident!


We think that this is a work of fate. Many archeologists and researchers have dedicated their entire lives trying to find out as much as possible about the past. Yet, this huge historical discovery (and some others we know of) was made by simple chance. Have a look!

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