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Many people believe in stereotypes and they should not be blamed about that. It is very easy to fall a victim to what the system, the companies and the government make us believe. It is very painful, however, when it turns out that everything one has believed into is a lie.

Have a look at some facts that we are made to believe in, which turn to be false.

14. Outer Space Does Have Gravity.

14. Outer space does have gravity.
Since kids we have been told that there is no gravity in the outer space. However, there is such, even if being weaker compared to the one on the surface of our planet. The astronauts and the station are falling slowly and that results in weightlessness.

13. Napoleon Was In Fact... Tall.

13. Napoleon was in fact... tall.
It is rumored that Napoleon wanted to conquer the world as he was short and wanted to feel more confident. Yet, at that time period the average height in France was about 5′ 3“’ - 5′ 4“’. The Emperor was 5′ 6“’ or not short at all. So, forget about the Napoleon complex.

8. The Diamonds Are In Fact Cheap Carbon In excess.

8. The diamonds are in fact cheap carbon in excess.
the diamonds are within the monopoly of De Beers, the company that first bought the diamond mines in South Africa in 1888. After that they proceeded to buy in other places where the not-so-precious stones were mined. Today the prices of diamonds are the result of an excellent marketing policy of the company.

7. The Potato Chips Are Not 100% Potatoes.

7. The potato chips are not 100% potatoes.
Not all chips are actually made of potato. In fact, just 40% of the potato flakes are made of real potatoes. The chips is made as all ingredients are mixed together and pressed in special molds. The real chips are thin potato slices that are fried in oil, and have uneven edges.

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