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Each profession has its own secrets, and airline employees are no exception. Some of them gladly share the details of their work on social media.

GIGGAG found 13 such online confessions for you.

13. Not All Minor Failures Are Repaired Immediately.

13. Not all minor failures are repaired immediately.

Now don’t assume someone will allow the plane to take off if it’s unsafe. In fact, the list of things to be checked before the flight is enormous. Still, there are minor failures that don’t affect the safety and can be dealt with later to avoid flight delays.

9. Why It’s Really Forbidden To smoke Onboard.

9. Why it’s really forbidden to smoke onboard.

It’s common opinion that smoking prohibition is connected with such obvious reasons as the danger of fire and passive smoking. Still, the former is a bit doubtful — smoking was allowed before, and there were no fires. In fact, the real reason behind the ban is an economic one. The air onboard is constantly filtered, and resins and smoke wear out the equipment faster.

8. The 7 Most Common Reasons Why Luggage Gets Lost:

  • It’s been held for additional checks and wasn’t loaded on time.
  • Some employee, usually a novice, put the luggage on the wrong trolley, and it flew somewhere else.
  • An airline employee put the wrong sticker on it by mistake.
  • The passenger hadn’t removed old stickers from the luggage, which lead to confusion.
  • The suitcase got stuck on the belt or went in the wrong direction, which happens during connecting flights.
  • The suitcase fell off the trolley on the way to the plane and no one noticed. This, however, is rare.
  • The luggage recognition system made an error or the label got lost. That’s why employees advise leaving your name and contact information where it can be seen clearly on the outside or at least inside the luggage.

7. Why Passengers Are Asked To turn Off Cell Phones.

7. Why passengers are asked to turn off cell phones.

A phone can hardly cause a critical malfunction of the plane — that’s a myth. But it sure can create static on the radio signal, which may not let the pilots hear important information from the dispatcher. Still, even the cabin crew sometimes ignore this rule.

4. When Is it best To buy Tickets?

4. When is it best to buy tickets?

It’s believed that the earlier you buy air tickets, the cheaper you get them. That’s not exactly true, though, because cheap tickets are bought first, and that’s all there is to it. However, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays tickets are indeed a little cheaper than usual.

3. Be polite, And You Won’t Regret it.

3. Be polite, and you won’t regret it.

Flight attendants confess that the more respect you show them, the more they’re ready to do for you. Too little beef for your taste? Ask politely, and you may receive filet mignon from first class. A noisy neighbor? If you explain the situation calmly, you’ll almost certainly get another seat. Want to know a football score but don’t have the means? A flight attendant will find it out for you, if you’re nice. Troublemakers, on the other hand, will hardly receive more than the minimum they’re entitled to.

2. Aisle And Window Seat Armrests Can Also Be raised.

2. Aisle and window seat armrests can also be raised.

Many people get irritated that the aisle and window seat armrests are fixed in place. However, it’s not quite so: to raise them, push the small button hidden near the base of the armrest. Still, be prepared for flight attendants to ask you to return them to their initial position.

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