13 Secrets From Airline Employees That Passengers Know Nothing About

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Each profession has its own secrets, and airline employees are no exception. Some of them gladly share the details of their work on social media.

GIGGAG found 13 such online confessions for you.


3. Be polite, And You Won’t Regret it.

Flight attendants confess that the more respect you show them, the more they’re ready to do for you. Too little beef for your taste? Ask politely, and you may receive filet mignon from first class. A noisy neighbor? If you explain the situation calmly, you’ll almost certainly get another seat. Want to know a football score but don’t have the means? A flight attendant will find it out for you, if you’re nice. Troublemakers, on the other hand, will hardly receive more than the minimum they’re entitled to.

3. Be polite, and you won’t regret it.

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