13 Secrets Shared By Airline Employees That Passengers Will Be Curious To Find Out About

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Every single profession has its secrets, yet some professions certainly provoke our curiosity. Several airline employees were kind enough to share certain details of their work on social media. They are collected below and very interesting to read about. Enjoy!

8. Why Luggage Gets Lost?

There are several main reasons for that.

·         It was held for additional checks and was thus not loaded on time.

·         A new employee has put the luggage on the wrong trolley. That is why it flew to another direction.

·         One of the airline employees has put the wrong sticker on the luggage by mistake.

·         There were old stickers on the luggage and that caused confusion.

·         The suitcase got either stuck or went in the wrong direction. That happens during the connecting flights.

·         The suitcase fell off the trolley on its trip to the plane and the stuff did not notice that.

·         The system for the recognition of the luggage made an error or the label applied got lost. Note that your name and contact information should be placed where they can be seen clearly on the outside of the luggage.


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