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The relations between men and women are subjects of many books that try to explain them. Yet, even so they remain a mystery. Often the “yes” means “no” and vice versa. Girls are better at reading the signs, yet boys need some guidance to understand the meaning of the nonverbal communication. To help them out, we collected 12 signs that clearly show that the girl is into you.

12. Girl’s Pupils Get Wider When She Sees You.

12. Girl’s pupils get wider when she sees you.

The eye contact directly affects the production of oxytocin, known as the hormone of happiness that make us feel bonded with a person. Unconsciously, we always try to make eye contact the people we like and especially with the one we have feelings for.


Thus, when your eyes meet and the girl gazes away shyly, this means that she is into you. If she is not interested, she will never do this. If you look closer and her pupils get wider when she communicates with you, this also means that she likes you.

11. Have A Look At Her Legs Position.

11. Have a look at her legs position.
In case she has stretched legs and crossed ankles, she is not trusting you. The ankles are never crossed if she feels comfortable with you and is she is interested in you.  In other words, if her legs are crossed, then pay a good attention to the toes of her shoes. In case they point at you, this might mean that she likes you.

10. When She Wants To Sit Closer To You.

10. When she wants to sit closer to you.
If two people are in one room, the space between them says a lot about their relationship. When people like each other, they try to sit closer together. There is a test that you can try – just enter her comfort zone which is approx. 2 feet from her face and see what happens. If she moves back, this is a bad sign. But if she feels comfortable, this means she likes you.

8. Look At Her Thumb’s Position.

8. Look at her thumb’s position.
That is usually a man’s gesture as they try to put their thumbs inside their belt or pockets. Yet girls also use this trick but in a sophisticated way. In case she puts her thumb behind her belt or other accessory, this might mean that she is trying to attract your attention to her face, breasts or hips, which means that she is interested in you.

6. If She Shakes Her Shoe On Her Toes.

6. If she shakes her shoe on her toes.
In a situation where a girl is shaking her shoes on her toes, this means that she feels relaxed and comfortable. It also means that she is trying to attract your attention. Notice the direction of her knee or shoe, it usually points to the object of her interest.

5. In Case She Often Checks Her Hair Or Clothes.

5. In case she often checks her hair or clothes.
When a girl does that and checks her clothes, hair, or accessories, this means that she is nervous and tries to look perfect for you. If she is not interested, she does not need to fix her looks.

4. When She Touches Her Lips.

4. When she touches her lips.
If a girl touches her lips, that is a sign that she is interested, yet in case she licks her lips all the time, this might just be a bad habit.

2. Look At How She Holds Her Hands.

2. Look at how she holds her hands.
Well, that is tricky. If she is in a closed pose with her hands crossed on the chest that is not necessarily a sign of disdain. Often a girl can feel shy and you should be more delicate. If her hands are straight however, this means that she is giving you the green light.

1. If She Is Twitching A Lock Of Her Hair.

1. If she is twitching a lock of her hair.
In case a girl is shy and also when she flirts, she instinctively touches her hair. She also usually pulls it around her finger. For the very same reason, men use ruffle their hair when they feel nervous.

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