12 Signs Showing That She Is Crazy In Love With You

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The relations between men and women are subjects of many books that try to explain them. Yet, even so they remain a mystery. Often the “yes” means “no” and vice versa. Girls are better at reading the signs, yet boys need some guidance to understand the meaning of the nonverbal communication. To help them out, we collected 12 signs that clearly show that the girl is into you.


11. Have A Look At Her Legs Position.

In case she has stretched legs and crossed ankles, she is not trusting you. The ankles are never crossed if she feels comfortable with you and is she is interested in you.  In other words, if her legs are crossed, then pay a good attention to the toes of her shoes. In case they point at you, this might mean that she likes you.
11. Have a look at her legs position.

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