12 Signs Showing That She Is Crazy In Love With You

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The relations between men and women are subjects of many books that try to explain them. Yet, even so they remain a mystery. Often the “yes” means “no” and vice versa. Girls are better at reading the signs, yet boys need some guidance to understand the meaning of the nonverbal communication. To help them out, we collected 12 signs that clearly show that the girl is into you.


10. When She Wants To Sit Closer To You.

If two people are in one room, the space between them says a lot about their relationship. When people like each other, they try to sit closer together. There is a test that you can try – just enter her comfort zone which is approx. 2 feet from her face and see what happens. If she moves back, this is a bad sign. But if she feels comfortable, this means she likes you.
10. When she wants to sit closer to you.

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