12 Clear Signs That She Is Crazy About You

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We all know that sometimes “No“ means ”Yes,“ but at other times “No” can mean ”No“ or even ”Maybe." Girls can make any man confused! However, in order to understand them correctly, you need to pay attention to the nonverbal signs that reveal their true intentions.

GIGGAG put together the most prominent signs that will definitely confirm that a girl really likes you.


8. Note The Position Of her Thumb.

This gesture is more used by men when they try to put their thumbs inside their pockets or belt. However, girls also use this trick, though in a more sophisticated way.

  • Pay attention if she puts her thumb behind her belt, purse, or any other accessory. This is a sign that she is trying to attract your attention to her face, hips, or breasts. Thus, this is a sign that she is interested.
8. Note the position of her thumb.

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