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If you are asked to name one evil person and do that fast, most probably you will say “Hitler”. Without too much consideration, he is considered to be the evil of all time, the man to blame for the death of many. Those people who are aware of the Holocaust, the racist ideology, and the millions of people that were killed under his orders are 100 % sure – he is the absolute monster.

Yet, even the monsters have some unexpected sides. Below we reveal 7 curious facts about Hitler that you will be interested to read about.

7. At School He Had A Crush On A Jewish Girl...who Would Believe That!

7. At school he had a crush on a Jewish girl...who would believe that!
Yes, it sounds crazy today, as we know what he did to the Jewish people, yet as he was a small boy at school he had a crush on a Jewish girl. She was called Stephanie Isak and she had no clue about his feelings. At that time Hitler was quite shy but did had fantasies about her. May be that was the base for what we know later to develop into hate towards the entire Jewish nation.

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5. Hitler had Only One Testicle...

5. Hitler had only one testicle...

It is quite obvious that Hitler had an inferiority complex and some people think that this is what provoked his. While fighting for the German Empire during World War I, he was injured. That let to doctors removing one of his testicles in order to save his life. The injury happened in 1916 during the Battle of the Somme.

4. As A Kid He wanted To be priest.

4. As a kid he wanted to be priest.
As a was 4 years old kid, Hitler fell into a lake. That happened in the middle of the winter and he was saved by a priest. That fact and situation influenced Hitler so much that he decided to become a priest one day. As he grew up however he wanted to play God himself, rather than serving God.

3. He Behaved Quite Freely With Women.

3. He behaved quite freely with women.
Hitler used to grab women by their private parts and… didn’t stop there. Rumors say that he even had a relationship with his niece, Geli Raubal. Then, she committed suicide at the age of 23. People believe that this happened because of the disturbing sex acts she had with Hitler.

1. Hitler Was A Vegetarian.

1. Hitler was a vegetarian.
Hitler, the Great Dictator, loved animals very much and was against testing on them. He was a vegetarian and even wanted to introduce vegetarianism as an official ideology after the war. He stated that in a conversation with Goebbels.

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