10 Effective Methods Of Using Google Search That 96% Of People Are Unaware Of

9 months ago · Madiha Waqas · 0 Comment

Gone are the days when people used to head towards libraries and search in a pile of books for the information they needed, because this is the world of internet. We can find internet access almost anywhere, even you can activate data package on your cellphone to keep this service accessible. When one has internet connection, it's impossible not to use Google search.

2. Use Of Synonyms

Synonyms can be very helpful while searching online. To take out a list of websites that include information on the given subject rather than just a particular phrase, you can use the symbol "~" in your search.

For example, when you type "healthy ~food", this will show you the results about healthy eating, recipes, and other dining options.

2. Use of synonyms

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