10 Effective Methods Of Using Google Search That 96% Of People Are Unaware Of

10 months ago · Madiha Waqas · 0 Comment

Gone are the days when people used to head towards libraries and search in a pile of books for the information they needed, because this is the world of internet. We can find internet access almost anywhere, even you can activate data package on your cellphone to keep this service accessible. When one has internet connection, it's impossible not to use Google search.

5. When More Than One Word Is Missing

It's okay if you don't remember so many words in a phrase that you want to look for. In this case, Google offers a simple solution. Try to write the first and the last word of the phrase and include the word "AROUND + (the approximate number of words you think are missing)" in between those words. For example, "I wandered AROUND(4) cloud".

5. When more than one word is missing

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