19 Awesome Inventions That Will Soon Revolutionize The World

11 months ago · Madiha Waqas · 0 Comment

There were times when people used to spend their lives without any gadgets and technological devices, and that was definitely not an easy era. In this contemporary world, we are so dependent on these amazing inventions that we keep waiting for something more interesting.

Dimplify has collected 19 such awesome inventions that you would have never thought about and they are going to make your lifestyle even easier.

15. Built-in Alarm Clock In A Mat

If you can't wake up with a regular alarm clock, Ruggie is for you! To stop the alarm, one has to step on the mat for 3 seconds with both the feets. This time is enough for our brain to wake up and get ready to enter into a new day.

15. Built-in alarm clock in a mat
15. Built-in alarm clock in a mat GIF

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