19 Awesome Inventions That Will Soon Revolutionize The World

11 months ago · Madiha Waqas · 0 Comment

There were times when people used to spend their lives without any gadgets and technological devices, and that was definitely not an easy era. In this contemporary world, we are so dependent on these amazing inventions that we keep waiting for something more interesting.

Dimplify has collected 19 such awesome inventions that you would have never thought about and they are going to make your lifestyle even easier.

4. Husband-hunting Bra

This is a Japanese invention. The digital screen on the "Marriage-Hunting Bra" shows how much time its owner has until her 30th birthday. It also has a holder for a ring, and the countdown stops when a ring is inserted. There is also a holder for a seal and a pen — the inventor took good care of those who like to sign contracts and agreements before getting married.

4. Husband-hunting bra

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