9 Amazing Results In Your Body With Just 2 Eggs Per Day

8 months ago · Madiha Waqas · 0 Comment

Did you know that a recent research has proved that the optimal daily dose of chicken eggs is 2-3 eggs? Due to its unique composition, chicken eggs provide us benefits in many ways. We only knew that eating an egg per day is important for us, but how important and how many eggs per day are required is not a very common information.

This post will surprise you with the several benefits of chicken eggs, and you will be convinced to intake the optimum dose of eggs. 

Lutein Gives You A Healthy Sight

Lutein is found in ample amounts in chicken eggs according to new research. Clear and sharp eyesight can be achieved with the help of this substance. If the amounts of lutein are not enough in our body, our eyesight can deteriorate irreversibly and can result in destructive changes in eye tissues.

Lutein gives you a healthy sight

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