6 Natural & Effective Ways For Dental Plaque Removal

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The perfect smile ranks among one of the most attractive features that a person can possess. However, there are numerous things that can harm our teeth today, the most common of which being irregular dental care, smoking, and intake of too much caffeine.


The daily habits, which might seem innocent, can in fact cause us many troubles including the unpleasant dental plaque. If you are willing to reduce the number of your dental visits, check what Dimplify has gathered - a list of natural and simple ways to get rid of your dental problems.

No 5. Vitamin Tooth Mask

You can mash up fruits and veggies that containing vitamin C to make a plaque-preventing paste mask for your teeth. Use tomatoes, strawberries and oranges, mash then and put the paste on your teeth. Then wait for 5-6 minutes and rinse. The procedure will kill any bacteria in your mouth and will freshen up your breath.
No 5. Vitamin Tooth Mask

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