Top 8 Fantastic Treasures Revealed By Accident

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All children (and some adults too) often dream of finding hidden treasures. When those treasures are revealed by accident, the excitement is incredible. Life teaches us that every day can bring us an amazing story.

Have a look at the top 10 fantastic treasures that were found in the most unexpected places.

3. The Roman Hoxne Hoard Was Discovered In a field By an amateur Metal Detectorist.

The largest cache of Roman gold ever found in Britain was discovered by the retired gardener Eric Lawes, while he was scanning a field in Suffolk, England, looking for the lost hammer of his friend. Thus, instead of a hammer, he discovered  gold, which he reported to the local authorities. The proper excavation of the treasure resulted in more than 14,000 items such as coins, rings, bracelets, magnificent silver objects, etc.


In November 1993, those Roman findings were valued at £1.75 million, and the sum was paid to Eric Lawes he found the treasure. Today the most valued and beautiful items are on display in the British Museum

3. The Roman Hoxne Hoard was discovered in a field by an amateur metal detectorist.

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