10 Incredible Treasures Discovered by Accident

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How many of you have dreamed of becoming an archaeologist or a pirate and discovering hidden treasures? It’s the feeling of anticipation and excitement that makes us love adventure novels and movies about Indiana Jones. However, even everyday life can become fun if you look in the right direction.

Dimplify gathered for you 10 amazing stories about people who found treasures in the most unexpected places. Some of them inspired us to look more attentively at the things we own.


5. 3 brothers Found The Golden Treasure Of Panagyurishte.

This treasure is a masterpiece of Thracian workmanship, and it was found by the Deikov brothers in 1949 near the town of Panagyurishte, Bulgaria. As they were working in a clay pit at a factory, they made an unusual discovery, which consisted of a dish, an amphora, and 7 rhytons, all made of solid 24-carat gold with a total weight of 6,164 kg. Archaeologists have calculated that the treasures belonged to an unknown Thracian ruler or a wealthy person who owned them in the 3rd century BC.

5. 3 brothers found the golden treasure of Panagyurishte.

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