Top 8 Fantastic Treasures Revealed By Accident

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All children (and some adults too) often dream of finding hidden treasures. When those treasures are revealed by accident, the excitement is incredible. Life teaches us that every day can bring us an amazing story.

Have a look at the top 10 fantastic treasures that were found in the most unexpected places.

4. The Three Brothers And The Gold Treasure

This absolute masterpiece of the Thracian workmanship has been found by the three Deikov brothers in 1949. That happened near the Bulgarian town of Panagyurishte. While working in the factory’s clay pit the brothers made an unusual discovery, which consisted of a dish, an amphora, and 7 rhytons. All items in the treasure were made of solid 24-carat gold and came with a total weight of 6,164 kg. According to the research of the archaeologists, the treasures belonged to an unknown Thracian ruler back the 3rd century BC.
4. The three brothers and the gold treasure

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