8 Recent Artifact Discoveries That Surprised the World

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Science does not stand still. New opportunities for research keep appearing and, as a result, new findings and discoveries happen. For example, at the end of our article, we are going to show you what an ancient Peruvian queen looked like. Archaeology also uses the latest achievements of technology, thanks to which there have been a lot of interesting discoveries that humanity never even dreamed of.

We at Dimplify collected the most exciting discoveries and finds that humanity was able to see thanks to eternal progress. Let’s look and admire together.


7. Handmade Items Made By frontline Soldiers During The Prussian Wars, Napoleon’s Campaigns, And The British Wars In South Africa And India

The unique blankets handmade by men, some of whom held a needle and thread in their hands for the first time, prove that there is a place for beautiful things in wars as well. It was originally thought that soldiers made these blankets while staying in hospitals. However, the latest research shows that they were created on battlefields during brief breaks between military operations.These amazing pieces of art were exhibited in 2017.

7. Handmade items made by frontline soldiers during the Prussian wars, Napoleon’s campaigns, and the British wars in South Africa and India

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