8 Recent Artifact Discoveries That Surprised the World

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Science does not stand still. New opportunities for research keep appearing and, as a result, new findings and discoveries happen. For example, at the end of our article, we are going to show you what an ancient Peruvian queen looked like. Archaeology also uses the latest achievements of technology, thanks to which there have been a lot of interesting discoveries that humanity never even dreamed of.

We at Dimplify collected the most exciting discoveries and finds that humanity was able to see thanks to eternal progress. Let’s look and admire together.


2. A 3-plug Device — The Enigmalith

When hiking somewhere in the mountains in 1998, electrical engineer John. J. Williams found something that resembled an electrical connector sticking out from the ground. After digging the device out and studying it carefully, he discovered a 3-plug device intruded into a rock. After a more careful examination in a laboratory, scientists realized that the “plug” was not glued or welded into the stone, which means that the object was formed together with the rock and was simply a part of the stone. However, John. J. Williams truly believed that it was an artifact from ancient hi-tech civilizations and refused to show the place where he found it.

2. A 3-plug device — the Enigmalith

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