10+ Hilariously Disturbing Photos Of Bearded Men Looking Straight Up (Add Yours)

3 hours ago · Marta · 0 Comment

According to a popular public opinion, men look better with beards. But do they? The newest internet challenge urges men with facial hair to share selfies they took while looking straight up, and the disturbingly hilarious results prove that shaggy chins aren't sexy from all angles.

After viewing the images, some say that all "untrimmed beards look like pubes" if guys pose like this. Whether or not you think the same, I think we can at least agree that a few sets of googly eyes would definitely go a long way here. Also, someone tried to join the fun with a clean-shaven face and let's just say that his picture was the reason why others didn't. Scroll down to check out the images, upvote your favorites and submit your own!


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